First and foremost we announced the winners of the last Episodes giveaway ! Want a chance to win follow the instructions in the Introduction to this series.


Todays episode in the S.O.T.A.C series we have Solana, Algorand , and Elrond. This process is not to be taken in a negative connotation, instead allow the protocols to show off their uniqueness when compared alongside other projects. Its very reasonable especially there being over 4000 crypto currencies on the market. After surpassing 2 trillion dollars the crypto market is showing itself to be a formidable option against historical stores of value. This is why it is extremely important to know what you own and what it is capable of.

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This series will use a community developed process that weighs the coins based on their unique properties, utility, and design.
The viewers and community members will take a poll of which of the 3 cryptos they think will have the best week in regards to performance on the weekly chart.
Whichever coin has the best performance at the end of the week will be used to be given away to a random user who participated in the voting.
To keep things interesting we will also be giving away the token that was most selected to have the highest percentage. Meaning if ADA was chosen to have the highest turnout this week and it happened to be ETH that rose 10% and ADA only 5th we will give away some ETH as well. If the most selected token is the token that gained the most during that week there will be two participants selected instead of one.

3 coins are selected for this curating process.

They will be weighed quickly side by side as an introduction to them in the “Survival of the Alt-Coins” series and each token chosen will get a full depth analysis on the “Money Maker Token Talk” !!

So if users just want to be introduced to a protocol, see how it scales against others and keep track of its weekly performance “Survival of the Alt-Coins” is great for beginners and experts. Filtering the 3 selected tokens through the “Money Maker Token Talk” will allow those looking for a more intrusive analysis to gain a greater understanding of the Distributed ledger tech behind the crypto.

Money Makers is a growing community of traders , investors, developers, artists , business owners, gamers and influencers that all share a similar trait of being a Money Maker.

This is the beginning of what is to come for this channel , expect more playlists with a wide pool of content for all types of viewers .

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