Movie 電影 | King of Gambler Return 老千归来 | Gambling film 賭神 劇情片 HD

Movie 電影 | King of Gambler Return 老千归来 | Gambling film 賭神 劇情片 HD

Synopsis: The Gambling movie “老千归来 King of Gambler Return” tells about Qiu Yang, a young man who grew up in a small village, decided to leave his first love to make a living in a big city. As a result, he lost everything because he was simply addicted to a girl, An Qi. Later he met his first love’s brother, could they change their destinies together?

故事简介: 电影《老千归来 King of Gambler Return》讲述 邱阳在老家是一个小老千,本来在小乡村长大的他决定离开初恋到大城市一博,结果因为单纯迷上了“美色”安琪而被利用失去了一切,这时遇上了初恋的哥哥,他们联手到底能不能改变命运呢……同题材电影《千王之王 The Shell Game》,《千王之王重出江湖 King Of Gambler》《千王之王2000 The Tricky Master》

出品 Studio: 安徽鼎兴 Ding Xing Film
导演 Director: 薛少 Xue Shao
主演 Starring: 何佳伟, 张姝妹, 郑浩宇, 薛少
题材 Genres: 剧情 #Drama, #赌神 赌圣 #赌侠 GodOfGamblers

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